Plastic Coating is a manufacturing company founded in 2016, dedicated to the production of plastic fillings and coatings by an extrusion process, and to rewinding services.

Plastic Coating appears on the market with a clear Mission: to provide customers with an agile, flexible, and quality service, looking for the optimal product for each specific application.

Plastic Coating’s outstanding products are the following:

Filler rods for the correct formation or protection of your hoses, both for energy and data transmission, or other applications.

Reinforced fiberglass (FRP) coating on fiber optic hoses.

Plastic coating of steel wire and wire ropes for various applications.

Collaborating in production peaks.


The company PLASTIC COATING, S.L., is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic fillings and coatings through extrusion process, and to rewinding services.

The strategic policy of PLASTIC COATING, S.L. is to focus on integral customer satisfaction with products in accordance with current legal and regulatory requirements.

PLASTIC COATING, S.L. seeks the excellence of its products based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the fulfilment of the established quality objectives, through the continuous improvement in all the processes of the organization.

The Management of PLASTIC COATING, S.L. is responsible for providing the human, technical and economic resources that the continuous improvement process demands, actively involving all members of the organization in this process.

This Policy is kept up to date to guarantee its adequacy and is available to any person or organization that requests it.



  • Polígono de Malpica,
    c/L, 186, 50016 (Zaragoza) Spain
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +34 876 28 17 80

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