Plastic Coating

Founded in 2016, the company is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic fillings and coatings by an extrusion process (hose fillings, up-jacketed FRP and coated wires) and also to rewinding services for cable manufacturers.

Plastic Coating has a clear mission in the cable industry: to provide its customers with an agile, flexible, and high quality service.


Manufacture of plastic fillers for hose formation or other applications

Up-jacketed FRP

Reinforced Fiberglass Coating (FRP)

Upjacketed wires and strands

Plastic Coating of steel wires and steel strands (single core and muilticore structures)

“PLASTIC COATING belongs to a business group whose sister company is FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. located in Cantabria (Spain). Founded in 1999, its core business is the slitting of steel coils and other metals for different applications.”

Quality Policy

The company PLASTIC COATING, S.L., since its constitution in 2016, is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic fillers and coatings through the extrusion process, and to rewinding services.


The strategic policy of PLASTIC COATING, S.L. is to focus on integral customer satisfaction with products in accordance with current legal and regulatory requirements.


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